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RJBC Deputy Chairman&Director Mr. Kononenko Meets Jordan Nuclear Power Company CEO H.E. Dr. Hiyasat

On 8th December 2016 at the Jordan Nuclear Power Company directorate, Deputy Chairman and Director of the Russian-Jordanian Business Council (RJBC), Mr. Valeriy Kononenko, had a meeting with CEO of the Jordan Nuclear Power Company, H.E. Dr. Ahmad Hiyasat.

The Parties discussed the current situation in the bilateral Russian-Jordanian relations in the trade and economic, scientific and technological areas. Main attention was paid to the state of the power system in Jordan and the security of energy supply in the region.

Jordan was one of the first countries in the Middle East which planned to introduce nuclear power engineering enterprises in its power system.

In the autumn of 2013 Russia won the tender for construction of the first nuclear power plant in Jordan. In September 2014 Rusatom Overseas Company signed with the Jordan Nuclear Power Company the Agreement on development of the first power plant construction project in Jordan.

In March 2015 the Russian Federation and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan entered into the Intergovernmental Agreement on cooperation in construction of the first nuclear power plant in the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It stipulates a record investment volume of 10 billion dollars. The first power generating unit with capacity of 1000 megawatt is planned to be launched in 2024, the second one in 2026.

By doing so, Jordan aims at improving its energy security and reducing the dependence on imported energy resources.

H.E. Dr. Ahmad Hiyasat noted that at the moment the environmental and engineering surveys were being carried out on the site where the nuclear power plant was going to be constructed. At the same time the profitability of the project is being calculated, the need for additional capacity and readiness of the current power system for the new electric power flows is being investigated.

The construction is expected to start in 2017 after all the project works are finished and the results of examination are received.

H.E. Dr. Ahmad Hiyasat and Mr. Valeriy Kononenko discussed the possible ways of cooperation including the joint efforts to attract a number of private sector enterprises to implement the infrastructure and other projects as a part of the project on construction of the first nuclear power plant in Jordan.

To sum up, the Parties expressed their complete understanding and readiness to render any assistance to implementation of this project in a Jordan’s territory as a megaproject aimed at further development of friendly and economic relations between Russian and Jordan.

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The RJBC Chairman and Director Mr. Kononenko, the Jordan Nuclear Power Company CEO H.E. Dr. Ahmad Hiyasat, the RJBC Project Coordinator in Jordan H.E. Mr. Laith Dababneh

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