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RJBC Deputy Chairman, Director Mr. Kononenko Meets Secretary General of Jordan Ministry of Tourism&Antiquities H.E. Mr. Issa Gammoh

On February 6th, 2017, at the Jordan Ministry of Tourism&Antiquities, the Russian-Jordanian Business Council (RJBC) Deputy Chairman, Director Mr. Valeriy Kononenko had a business meeting with Secretary General of the Jordan Ministry of Tourism&Antiquities H.E. Mr. Issa Gammoh.

At first, the participants of the meeting discussed the matters concerning the cooperation in the area of tourism for Years 2016-2017. It was noted that today’s figures continued the upward trend in number of tourists from Russia owing to active and fruitful activities of the Jordan Ministry of Tourism&Antiquities. After that, the negotiators agreed on a list of joint events to be arranged by the end of 2017, which are aimed at encouragement of promotion activities in the fields of recreational, historical and medical tourism.

Since the Russian Pilgrims’ House, which was constructed by the Russian Federation at the sacred place of the Baptism of Christ on the river Jordan, has been intensifying efforts to promote its operation, both parties paid special attention to further development of pilgrimage tourism and popularization of the religious tourist attractions in Jordan.

In this connection, Mr. Kononenko and H.E. Mr. Gammoh labored a number of points regarding the possibilities to simplify the procedure of getting a license for pilgrimage activities in a Jordan’s territory and the procedure of obtaining group visas and many-time entry passes, as well as the options to insert advertisement materials about the activities of the Russian Pilgrims’ House and its Chapel.

Also, in the course of the discussion the parties agreed on events to be implemented in order to engage tourist companies in a Jordan’s territory as well as the Dead Sea Coast and the Red Sea Coast Hotels Directorates in this area of collaboration.

Then, the negotiators concretized the directions of further cooperation between the Russian-Jordanian Business Council and the Jordan Ministry of Tourism&Antiquities both in the abovementioned and other fields.

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