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Deputy Chairman of Russian-Jordanian Business Council Mr. Valeriy Kononenko meets with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mr. Alexander Saltanov

Deputy Chairman of Russian-Jordanian Business Council Mr. Valeriy Kononenko met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mr. Alexander Saltanov at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.


At the meeting both sides discussed the questions regarding the state of two-side relations between Russia and Jordan in the fields of trade, economy, science, technology, and politics.  It was noted that the political dialogue between two countries had been developing rapidly towards mutual attempts to strengthen cooperation in all spheres.

Regular visits and meetings of the leaders of two countries have made a great contribution to the further development of many-side cooperation and strengthening friendly relationship between Russia and Jordan.  One of the facts of such contribution was establishing the Russian-Jordanian Business Council in February of 2007.

Since its establishment the Russian-Jordanian Business Council has widened its information basis, determined the actual potential of the Russian-Jordanian business relations, and encouraged the development of cooperation in the fields of science, technology, trade, and innovation.

A wide range of possibilities for expanding business cooperation and activating contacts between business communities of both countries emerged as a result of the participation of Jordanian companies in the First Arab Exhibition in Moscow on October 22-24, 2008.

Mr. Saltanov took a great interest in the results of the exhibition, as well as in the structure of the Council, and the agenda discussed at the III Joint Meeting of the Russian-Jordanian Business Council that was held on October 23.  Mr. Saltanov drew a special attention of the Council to further development of the relations in trade, economic, science, technical and innovation spheres on the basis of existing interests and mutual benefit according to the dynamics of Russian-Jordanian relations that had been recently experiencing the period of positive development.

At the meeting Mr. Kononenko introduced the “Strategy” for developing new forms of social, political and cultural interrelations on the territory of Jordan. This strategy, according to Mr. Kononenko, will help to raise the role of social, political, humanitarian, charity, peacemaking, and cultural organizations both in Russia and Jordan.

Taking into account new economic and political priorities of Russia in the countries of Arab region, realizing the strategy on the territory of Jordan and some other neighboring Arab countries will strengthen the prestige of Russia in the peacemaking process in Middle East.

Mr. Saltanov approved of the main principles of the strategy, brought in some improvements, and promised to study the strategy in detail in the nearest future.

Deputy Minister highly evaluated the activities of the Russian-Jordanian Business Council and expressed his assurance that the positive image and role of the Council would contribute to the strengthening of economic, political and investment cooperation between Russia and Jordan.  Mr. Saltanov approved of the activities of the Council headed at not only obtaining mutual commercial benefit in trade, production and joint investment, but also at carrying out the events that would support the two-side dialogue and strengthen the bonds of friendship between Russia and Jordan.

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