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RJBC Deputy Chairman&Director Mr. Kononenko Meets Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mr. Bogdanov

22-03-2022 Л.М. Богданов фото 1 после заголо англ

On 22nd March 2022 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian-Jordanian Business Council (RJBC) Deputy Chairman and Director Mr. Kononenko had a working meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mr. Bogdanov.

To start with, Mr. Kononenko and Mr. Bogdanov discussed issues regarding the current state of the Russian-Jordanian trade and economic, scientific and technical as well as political cooperation. In spite of the complicated geopolitical situation in the region and impact of global economic crisis, the high dynamics of the Russian-Jordanian political dialogue in mutual striving for strengthening of cooperation in different areas of bilateral ties was pointed out. Mr. Bogdanov showed keen interest to the RJBC’s activities and turned RJBC’s attention to the need on further development of bilateral cooperation on the basis of valid interests and mutual benefit in accordance with the Russian-Jordanian relationship dynamics.

After that, at Mr. Kononenko’s suggestion the Participants of the meeting considered ‘The Development Concept of New Forms of Business, Public, Political and Cultural Contacts’. The implementation of this Development Concept in Jordan will help to increase the role of social and political, humanitarian, charitable, peacekeeping and cultural organizations both in Russia and Jordan as well as to enhance Russia’s image and authority in the consolidation of peace in the Middle East. Mr. Bogdanov approved the basic principles of the Development Concept, proposed some amendments, and suggested discussing it once again in the nearest time.

Finally, the Deputy Minister viewed the RJBC’s activities favorably and expressed confidence that the Council’s good image and positive role would contribute to further strengthening of economic, investment and political cooperation between Russia and Jordan; and facilitate a further bilateral dialogue to strengthen friendship among peoples of Russia and Jordan.

To sum up, Mr. Bogdanov gave a high appraisal of Mr. Kononenko’s activities, who has been supervising the Council’s activities for 15 years. On behalf of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mr. Lavrov, Mr. Bogdanov awarded Mr. Kononenko with the badge ‘For Cooperation’ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for his personal contribution to strengthening of economic relations and friendly ties between the Russian Federation and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

22-03-2022 Л.М. Богданов фото 2 в конц англ

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