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Cooperation Agreement Signed in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

12.06.19 АНГЛ НАЧАЛО

 On June 12, 2019 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, YSAR+ Joint-Stock Company represented by Andrey Sergeyevich Robsky, Director of the Center for International Projects, the Ministry of Health of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan represented by Secretary General H.E. Dr. Hikmat Abu Al-Foul, and the Russian-Jordanian Business Council represented by Deputy Chairman and Director Valery Andreyevich Kononenko signed an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of a joint project for Automation and Standardization of Breast Cancer Screening in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

 This Agreement is aimed at the deployment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of an innovative project to improve early detection of cancer by automating the breast cancer screening process based on the System for Descriptions, Recommendations and Statistics of Mammographic Screening (SDRS-MS) developed by YSAR+.

 At the first stage, the Ministry of Health of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will designate five hospitals for the deployment of SDRS-MS and create the necessary conditions for the implementation of the project. Under this project, we will create an infrastructure and an experimental platform for research and applied tasks in order to reduce breast cancer mortality through screening, as well as formulate all requirements related to the implementation of the project to automate and standardize the breast cancer screening process in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

 The Russian-Jordanian Business Council will arrange for mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties to the project, as well as coordinate and monitor the implementation of the signed Agreement.

12.06.19 АНГЛ КОНЕЦ

Russian-Arabic Business Council

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