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M. Voloshin: “Jordanian-Russian military-technical cooperation has a great potential for development”


It opened in Zhukovsky near Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015. Despite Western sanctions, many foreign countries have not refused to participate in this forum and sent him representative delegations, launched at the show national expositions. Among them is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The fact, on what direction the now Russian-Jordanian military cooperation told to “Interfax-AVN” the chairman of the board of directors’ Dzhadara »(Jadara Equipment and Defence Company), an official consultant on military-technical cooperation with the Russian military office of King Abdullah II of Jordan, Mark Voloshin .

- Mark Semenovich, it became known that the Moscow Air Show MAKS-2015 to visit Jordan’s King Abdullah II. What caused such a high interest in our air show guest?
- First of all, the fact that his Majesty with a very great respect for Russia and its President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He repeatedly visited Moscow and always these visits took place in a friendly atmosphere and were very productive. Evidence of this is the least the fact that Russia today is implementing a number of joint projects, including in the sphere of military-technical cooperation. I am convinced that the Russian-Jordanian military-technical cooperation has great potential for further development. With regard to the MAKS-2015, the participation in it was planned long before its opening. Earlier this year, the king invited me and asked to provide information on what the international arms exhibitions and air shows will be held in the world. One of his exhibitions was particularly interested in – it was, of course, Max. He said that it is necessary to visit the air show, personally acquainted with the aircraft, which it will be presented. And, as you can see, he keeps his word. Despite the sanctions, His Majesty King Abdullah II is always with great pleasure coming to Moscow. The current visit is no exception. In the matter of military-technical cooperation with Russia, the position of the king is – if you buy a Russian, only the best. I think that at the present the Moscow air show it is sure to get acquainted with the latest multi-purpose fighter Su-35, which is already commercially supplied to the Russian Air Force as well as the Sukhoi PAK FA T-50, which is still being developed. On the air show, as it is known, is widely represented by the export line of helicopters. Including combat helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” and Mi-28NE “Night Hunter”, light Ka-226T and the heavy transport Mi-26T2. King, for sure, will want to see a new modification of military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A.

- By the way, at a previous MAKS in the presence of King Abdullah II signed a contract for the purchase of Jordan, two military transport aircraft Il-76MF total value of almost $ 100 million. How do you assess these machines?

- Aircraft great, I think they are the best in its class. But these machines are operated by Jordanian pilots and aviation specialists, unfortunately, not properly. In the end, it came to the fact that both have become non-flying aircraft. One “Il” was without a motor, the second has been disabled because of improper operation. After two years of actual aircraft downtime King invited me to her and instructed to bring them into order. Soon, on the orders of the General Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces, our company “Dzhadara”, after receiving permission FSMTC Rocsii, concluded with JSC “IL” contracts for the repair of aircraft. Currently, the two machines are on one of the Russian aircraft repair companies. On airplanes found many serious problems have arisen solely because of their unskilled manual Jordanian crews, so repair is delayed somewhat. But this is an objective process. I am grateful to the leadership of the aviation “Ilyushin” and especially commercial director of “Il” with Alexander Borisovich Artemiev, who is doing everything possible and even impossible, to quickly introduce the aircraft into service. The question of the revision of the contract is not worth it. We hope that we will receive the first aircraft by the end of September this year. Earlier it was planned that it will be repaired by the end of August, that is, delay, even with extremely satisfactory initial state of the aircraft, will be only one month.

- In a previous interview, you said that these aircraft is planned not only to repair, but also seriously upgrade up prior to installation of some types of weapons.

- These plans really are.This question we will discuss, in particular, and in the current air show. I would just like to clarify that we are talking about the modernization of not two but one Il-76MF. King set a task order for this aircraft platform for special commandos, it is possible that the contract can be signed at this air show. Also encouraged to develop and install the IL-76MF set of weapons and means of air reconnaissance. Now we are preparing proposals in this regard, and if they are approved by His Majesty the King, then sign a contract with JSC “Rosoboronexport” and JSC “IL” on retrofitting and modernization of the Il-76MF.This is the next project, which will deal with the company “Dzhadara” .

- Do not get so that you spend a lot of time and money to put the aircraft on the wing, and when they pass the Air Force, is due to problems with the operation and maintenance of it, in the end, once again find themselves on earth?

- The danger of this is really there is. To avoid this, I hope to convince the king to invite the organization to assist in the operation and maintenance of these machines experienced aviation specialists – one pilots and engineers in each crew. When Jordan bought these aircraft, in addition to the first-aid kit, meaning a small tool kit, Jordanian Air Force actually had nothing.There was no ground equipment necessary test equipment. Now it’s more or less spelled out in the contract, but problems with the operation of skilled, however, still remain. Now in Aqaba creates a database to serve Il-76MF. These machines are unique, no country in the world does not. And if you organize everything with the advice of experts of JSC “IL”, they will fly without any problem for at least another thirty years. While for existing Jordan two military Il-76MF, their technical condition and operation meet the Air Force, we after the king instructed our company to repair the aircraft, also responsible for the maintenance of airworthiness.

- This is a military aircraft, but at MAKS will be presented and a lot of civil aircraft, including the new Russian passenger airliner Sukhoy Superjet 100 (SSJ 100), which has already bought many foreign countries. No Do Jordan also plans to become the buyer of the aircraft?

– I’ll tell you a secret, we are already negotiating on this matter. At our request, the company “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft” has prepared a draft agreement of intent to supply Jordan aircraft SSJ 100. It is now under consideration in the appropriate structures. After our proposals are approved by His Majesty the King to start practical work on preparation of the contract.The next round of negotiations, we are planning to hold with our partners from the company “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft” in the current air show. I do not rule out that their results will be signed some documents. Simple question. Jordan would like to purchase aircraft under the leasing scheme, and exploit them in the free economic zone, where there are certain tax incentives. This can be a very interesting business. Based aircraft is planned at the airport of the city of Aqaba, there will also be performed on all flights.

- How many “Superjet” Jordan is planning to purchase?

- While the decision to purchase the aircraft is not approved by the king, to say the number of aircraft prematurely. The draft agreement of intent we are talking about eight cars – the four main contract plus four option. What really will be purchased – time will tell.

- Purchase of Superjet is a matter for the future. Russia and Jordan have a number of joint projects already have proven its viability and high efficiency. The most important among them, perhaps, is the contract for the development and production complexes grenade launcher RPG-32 “Nashshab” (previously he had called “Hashim”). At what stage is the project now?

- With full responsibility I can say that all that was conceived at the beginning of the two thousandth’s, successfully implemented. Year by year, the project continues to develop dynamically. Lately developed having no analogues in the world grenade launcher RPG-32 “Nashshab” Jordan built and launched a plant for its production, signed a number of contracts, including exports, is implementing a program to modernize the grenade. I would especially like to point out that the first day of the project is being implemented under the perso RPG-26 grenade launcher in his hands. But we hope that in the future all the photographs will be solely for the King RPG-32.

- You said that the grenade “Nashshab” not only purchased the Jordanian army, but also for export. Which country was the first buyer of your grenade launcher?

- This is the United Arab Emirates, have signed the contract with us for the purchase of a large number of shots and the starters. I am confident that cooperation with the United Arab Emirates will not be limited only to this contract. The great interest to the grenade launcher “Nasnal patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II. This is his brainchild. This project has become the signature of the Russian-Jordanian military-technical cooperation. When was the grenade launcher, the king of one of the first tried it in action. I must say that while many tried to dissuade me from the king to shoot. They say it’s a big risk, and that if the King will miss it, among other things discredit the Russian company “Basalt”, which is the developer of grenade launcher. But the fire was successful. Success, reliability and quality – it’s basically a business card of our company. RPG-32 “Nashshab” is one of the most popular models of arms of the king last commando. In all the offices of the General Staff of portraits of His Majesty King Abdullah II andhshab” exhibit many other countries.

- Can you name at least some of them.

- Recently, for example, we visited a military delegation from Egypt. She visited the factory, familiarized with its production capabilities. We spent them not only a presentation of grenade launcher RPG-32 “Nashshab,” but given the opportunity to shoot. Three Colonel Egyptian General Staff were pleasantly surprised when out of eight shots, all eight were in the top ten, hit the targets. In addition to a visit from the chief of staff Yemeni armed forces. He also gave a much appreciated our grenade. Great interest in the purchase of a grenade launcher displays also Pakistan and other countries. We do offer them a grenade launcher that has Effective range of 350 meters, but in the short term, we hope that as a result of proper modernization, it will be increased doubled to 700 meters.

- It was also reported that “Dzhadara” actively develops the capacity of the plant in the direction of increasing localization of grenade, creating conditions for their own development.

- Yes, it’s true. We have plans to produce directly at the assembly of the sight and can even be shot and the starting device. We, as well, are now working on the creation in the company’s own design bureau with the aim of co-hosting a “Basalt” modernization RPG 32, which will further improve Specifications grenade. This is my dream. In addition, work is underway to establish on the basis of our grenade rolling robotic complex. Year-on-year production volumes growing grenade. If the first pilot batch of kits that we have received from Russia, allowed to collect four thousand shots. The second was designed to produce 12 thousand shots. Now we have signed a contract with “Rosoboronexport” to supply 30 thousand components for the assembly of the shots, and about 800 starters. We hope that the first delivery will be in October this year.

- Mark Semenovich, it turned out that the opening of the Moscow MAKS-2015 has coincided with a significant event in your life – the 70th anniversary of the birth. As a business man you meet this anniversary not at home with your family and at work among their friends, colleagues and business partners. Take from the team of “Interfax-AVN” sincere wishes for good health and every success in all your affairs. Suppose next to you will always be friends and associates.


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