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RJBC Deputy Chairman&Director Mr. Kononenko Meets Secretary General of Jordan Ministry of Agriculture H.E. Dr. Tarawneh

On 8th February 2017 at the Jordan Ministry of Agriculture, Deputy Chairman and Director of the Russian-Jordanian Business Council (RJBC), Mr. Valeriy Kononenko, had a meeting with Secretary General of the Jordan Ministry of Agriculture, H.E. Dr. Radi A. Tarawneh.

8.02.2017 г Ради Таравнех

The Parties discussed the participation of the Jordanian Delegation of Fruits and Vegetables Exporters and Producers and the Russian Delegation of companies, which are Food Market operators specializing in dealing with agricultural products largest retail chains in Russia and Logistics companies, in the Fourth Session of the Russian-Jordanian Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation Development as well as the Russian-Jordanian Business Forum, which are going to be held in the first two quarters of 2017 in Moscow, Russia.

In connection with the existing complicated geopolitical situation in the region Dr. Tarawneh suggested once again that during the Session of the Russian-Jordanian Intergovernmental Commission the Russian Side should consider the issues about agricultural investment in Russia for the benefit of Jordan by granting to Jordan a preferential regime for the agricultural products export in winter time from 1st November to 1st May and some customs allowances during the rest of the year, accepting prices for Jordanian goods as uniform prices at all the ground and air border check-points of the Russian Federation on condition that cargo documents are processed directly in a Russia’s territory without transporting via third countries, adopting a type A customs declaration for vegetables and fruits cargoes or another type of a customs declaration under the agreement of both sides.

Taking into account the worsening geopolitical situation in the region the negotiators also paid special attention to the issues regarding the agricultural products delivery from Jordan to Russia. In particular, the parties discussed some new possibilities for logistics via Israel and the sea port in Haifa as well as the possibility to perform carriage by air by means of a Jordanian Cargo air carrier and a Russian freight air service transport.

Finally, the participants of the meeting covered the matters regarding further mutually advantageous collaboration between the Russian-Jordanian Business Council and the Jordan Ministry of Agriculture.

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